Osprey’s first title in the Men-At-Arms ”Modern African Wars” series-within-a-series appeared in 1986, and the series has been a big hit ever since.

The first title was “Modern African Wars (1) Rhodesia 1965-80″, followed by “Modern African Wars (2) Angola and Mozambique 1961-74″ and “Modern African Wars (3) South-West Africa”.  The latest title brings the series more up to date, and provides insight into the long and brutal series of conflicts over the past 40+ years that have turned this resource-rich area into one of the most brutal, dysfunctional hell-holes on the planet.


With the West’s attention shifting to focus on Africa as the next front in the ”global war on terror”, the release of this book should serve as a useful reminder that terror has in fact been something of a permanent house-guest for many years in this part of the world.

9780850457285As a special promotion for the launch of MAW 4:  The Congo 1960-2002 Osprey Publishing are offering a free downloadable PDF of the first volume in the series “Modern African Wars (1) Rhodesia 1965-80″.  To download your free copy of ‘Modern African Wars (1)’, simply click here.

MAW 4:  The Congo 1960-2002 can be purchased directly from Osprey (www.ospreypublishing.com/store/Modern-African-Wars-), on Amazon, or from your favorite bookseller that features Osprey’s titles.


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