Radical Firearms' RF/22

The RF/22 from Radical Firearms

Something for the weekend Sir? With everything else going on, you may have missed the Radical Firearms RF/22 – a match-grade rifle chambered in .22lr.   Here’s what you missed.  The RF/22 was designed with the shooting enthusiast in mind. It’s a sleek, solid, well-designed semi-auto you can use to plink, target-shoot, or bring doom upon […]

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B&T Provides APC9K SMG to the United States Air Force

The United States Air Force has purchased the B&T APC9K PRO sub-machine gun platform. These ultra-compact weapon systems are destined for specialized service and close personal protection use within the branch. “B&T is honored to have our APC9K PRO selected by the United States Air Force. We’re pleased to know that specially trained Airmen will […]

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