G-Form, the protective solutions technology brand, is proud to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of its collaboration with Crye Precision. To support this partnership, the G-Form x Crye Precision elbow and knee guards are now available and selling through the military section of G-Form’s website – as well as through various military equipment retailers.

“Our warriors should have the best blunt-force protective products available and through our partnership with Crye Precision, we are now able to deliver the incredible impact protection they deserve,”said Glen Giovanucci, CEO of G-Form.

This collaboration is a combination of Crye Precision’s Impact Combat Knee shell bonded to G-Form’s knee and elbow guards which are manufactured in the USA. G-Form’s patented SmartFlex technology creates low profile, extremely light pads, that are machine washable, waterproof, with body mapping capabilities to enhance fit and allow articulation around the joints. These pads are soft and flexible, they harden on impact, then immediately return to their comfortable state. They exceed impact protection requirements of test standard EN14404 and are specifically tailored to integrate with all styles of Crye Combat Pants, Field Shirts and G4/G3 Combat Shirts.

“These incredible impact protection solutions were developed with, tested on and validated by the United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command and are now available for public consumption. The product has been designated with National Stock Numbers (NSN) and has been added to the Special Program for Embassy Augmentation Contract (SPEAR),” added Giovanucci.

Crye Knee + Elbow Guards are lined with SmartFlex, a lightweight and flexible pad that hardens on impact, increasing shock absorption without adding weight.

Features include:

  • SmartFlex pads are waterproof and machine washable
  • Flexible cap for mobility and durability
  • Exceeds impact protection requirements of test standard EN14404 and are Berry compliant
  • Vented for airflow
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Made in U.S. from U.S. materials

G-Form’s Crye Elbow Guards are compatible with Crye Precision G3 and G4 uniforms, and available in Black. Their G3 and G4 compatible Knee Guards are available in Green and Tan.

For further information and/or to purchase, please visit: https://g-form.com/pages/military-and-tactical-solutions