YES – is the short answer!  Now here is the longer answer….

Smith Manufacturing Group located in Decatur, Texas specializes in recreating rare, foreign, WWII-era firearms in semi-auto, ’civilian-legal’ (i.e., no special licenses or paperwork required) form. The company’s product line includes such legends as the British Bren Gun, the Soviet DP-28 and DPM, the Soviet PPS-43, and the Czech ZB series (the forerunner of the Bren Gun).

SMG-20131But by far the most interesting – and exciting – project in their portfolio is their semi-auto FG42 Mk. II.  The SMG FG42 is offered in original 7.92 x 57mm (“8mm Mauser”) caliber, as well as 7.62 x 51mm NATO / .308 WIN.  The 7.62mm version uses standard M1A magazines and is pictured on the right in the photo below)!

DSCF3096Check out the full details on SMG’s website:

 (hat tip to Dave S.)

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