German Team Wins Edelweiss Raid 2019

Edelweiss Raid 2019 has finished, and not for the first time, a team from the German Army's Gebirgsjägerbrigade 23 (Mountain Troops Brigade 23) from Bavaria has taken First Place! Gebirgsjäger Brigade 23 also field another team that took the Second Place position at EWR2019.  A team from the Austrian Army's Führungsunterstützungsbataillon 2...

MD-Textil Introduces Gear In CONCAMO

German manufacturer MD-Textil  will be displaying their new line of laser-cut-laminate nylon gear at Enforce-Tac and IWA 2019. What's more, the entire line of pouches, belts, plate carriers, chest rigs will be available soon in CONCAMO camouflage. For further details, visit

Friday Foto

Austrian Gebirgjaeger (Mountain Infantry Troops) in training for 'Edelweiss Raid 2019'.

Direct Action® Unveils New Products

Direct Action® is ready to "Go Loud!" with new products at this year's IWA and Enforce-Tac trade shows in Nuremberg, Germany. There's an old adage that those not going forward are actually going backwards - Direct Action is definitely not in that boat as their focus is always on constantly...

UF PRO® Adds CONCAMO Camouflage To STRIKER BDU Range

CONCAMO™ ("confusion camo")  is a mil-grade, commercially-available camouflage pattern created in Germany, and launched onto the market at IWA last year. UF PRO's STRIKER BDU range is renowned for extreme durability, superior comfort, and extraordinary utility - and is very popular with European military and law enforcement special units. The CONCAMO™ ...

Weapon Wednesday: Four More Finnish AK’s

Finishing up our look at the evolution of the Finnish versions of the "AK", we now look at the 4 guns produced by the Valmet factory that are probably the most well-known - thanks mostly to the time that they were available commercially in the United States. They also appeared...

Edelweiss Raid 2019 Begins

The Edelweiss Raid is an international military mountaineering competition held in the Austrian state of Tyrol every 2 years. Supported by the Mountain Training Initiative (MTI), in recent years, the competition has developed into the unofficial "Commando Olympics" of Mountain Troops. In addition to a timed march of 40 km...

Two-For Tuesday: South African ‘Galils’ and Finnish M92S

Continuing with our look at the unique Finnish and Israeli connections that produced the finest examples of AK-based small arms to-date, we now get up-close-and-personal with the South African R-series (courtesy of Ian McCollum) and the Valmet/Sako M92S (courtesy of Larry Vickers).  Enjoy!  

Friday Foto

Vector Balance Torch 17-1: 1stSFG (A) and 160thSOAR (A) Night Stalkers conducts training together with the Royal Thai Army.