The first unit of the New Zealand Army has been issued its sets of the new Multi-Terrain Camouflage Uniform (MCU), and photos have been released today showing the new uniforms in use.

988660_612735232077546_642143531_nIncorporating a camouflage pattern designed by Guy Cramer of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation, and featuring some style cues taken from Crye Precision, the new MCU is quite a departure from the old DPM Combat Uniform.


Stand Up MCUHowever, despite having invested in a new multi-terrain camouflage pattern and an improved combat uniform design, the Kiwis appear to be following the USMC approach of negating a large part of the camouflage’s effectiveness by covering the soldiers’ entire torso in a solid block of Coyote Brown protective / load carrying vest and rucksack.

In the video below (click on the picture to launch), Project Manager, Captain Ian Leabourne explains that the MCU replaces the traditional combination of seperate “woodland” and “desert” combat uniforms.  He also explains how the new uniform is designed to be a layered clothing system with a full range of garments designed to allow soldiers to perform well on different types of operations, terrain and weather conditions.


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