The Secretary of the Army decided not to provide leadership, direction and decisiveness last week and therefore didn’t announce the Army’s selection of a new family of camouflage patterns – by the way, the selection has apparently been made and senior Army leaders have been briefed on it.  So why keep it under wraps?

Meanwhile, the bad press continues.  The Wall Street Journal picked up on the story this week, and images from the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade’s joint training with the Indonesian paratroops have also shown VERY clearly that the Universal Camouflage Pattern is “universal” in name only.  Its a good thing this was a friendly exercise and that these guys didn’t need to reply on their combat clothing for concealment in the tropical forest…

(above photos courtesy of 1st BCT Public Affairs Office)

Meanwhile, in other news, the controversial, over-budget-and-behind-schedule, $391 Billion F-35 program has apparently “sailed” through a crucial Senate subcommittee hearing


(photo above courtesy UA Air Force)

Even if it cost the Army $4 Billion to re-equip every soldier in the force with new camouflage uniforms and equipment, its a drop in the ocean compared to this.


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