During their recent 80th anniversary parade in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian Army paraded wearing a new “digital” camouflage pattern.  The pattern is reported to have been indigenously designed, and is allegedly a pixilation of the Malaysian Army’s current “Zebra Woodland” pattern.

copyright Janes Defence Weekly, 2013

copyright Janes Defence Weekly, 2013

Why the Malaysian Army would want to “digitize” a pattern that is already ineffective is a good question – and indeed, the new “pixelated” version looks as if it would be even less effective in a lush tropical environment.  One has to also wonder if the reportedly poor quality fabric of the current BDU has also been retained, or if at least that has been improved?

copyright "Malaysian Defence" blog / Marhalim Abas

copyright “Malaysian Defence” blog / Marhalim Abas

At any rate, sources in-country have told us that this appears to only be an interim, trial and evaluation pattern while the Army will continue to look at better alternatives.  In the meantime, they appear to be trying the “pixel woodland” pattern on everything from uniforms to boots to armoured vehicles.

Copyright "Malaysian Defence" blog / Marhalim Abas

Copyright “Malaysian Defence” blog / Marhalim Abas

copyright, "Janes Defence Weekly", 2013

copyright, “Janes Defence Weekly”, 2013


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  1. FormerDirtDart says:

    That ACV-300 looks like it would be quite comfortable rolling around the N.E. Bavarian woods with the 2nd ACR during the early 80′s.

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