Helikon-Tex have expanded their range of fleece jackets to include two models where the fleece material is printed with their MP-Camo® (a commercial design that’s compatible with UK issue MTP camo).

The “Liberty” model is a heavy duty fleece jacket for cold environments.  Equipped with a set of basic pockets, and with elbow and shoulder areas reinforced for additional durability, it will do the job for everyday duty.   MSRP: 62EUR

Helikon-Tex Liberty Fleece

The “Patriot” Heavy Fleece Jacket is designed for more severe cold weather conditions. The jacket features an adjustable hood for protection against wind and damp weather, and includes a set of pockets for essential small items.  The elbows are also reinforced for additional durability.  MSRP: 62 EUR

Helikon-Tex Patriot Fleece



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