March 16, 2009 – 

They travel almost everywhere, has great capacity and do not need any ports. The three Griffon 8100TD hovercraft FMV yesterday handed over to the Swedish Armed Forces has many uses, not least in civil emergency.

When the ice is four inches thick around the Swedish coast shipping may be a problem. The ice may be too thick to be penetrated by battle ships, but too thin to carry wheeled vehicles. The hovercraft is perfect for this situation.

Weak ice is not the only situation when hovercraft properties are unique. It is also ideal for the marsh, and not least in the long shallow waters, where ordinary boats do not take up. With the hovercraft, troops can be transported in the shallow and difficult to navigate archipelagos and up on land.


Hovercraft 2000, which is the Swedish name of the vehicles, will perform the same function as defense Light Faith boats and so called Stridsbåt 90. First task is therefore transportation of troops. Hovercraft 2000 takes up to 50 troops / passengers, compared with Stridsbåt 90, which holds up to 16 people. Floats can easily be converted to freight traffic.

For the Armed Forces mission, FMV in the spring of 2005 went on the procurement of new hovercraft. Four bids were received, one from English Griffon Hovercraft, met all the requirements to be within a predetermined cost.

Civil-rating requirements. The three hovercraft will be the first ships within the Swedish Defence, which in addition to military regulations also built for specific, civil-rating requirements. In this case, the classification society Lloyds Register of Shipping, have been involved for their great experience of just hovercraft.

After completion of the testing and training records of drivers and mechanics, FMV hands over the three hovercraft to the Armed Forces.

In addition to transport in Sweden, it may also be the case in connection with international efforts. If necessary, it is also meant that the hovercraft will be able to provide a resource for civil society. Not least in the rescue operations, they can fill a unique feature because they can operate independent of water depth and can easily take on board people.

Manufacturer:  Griffon Hovercraft
Engine:  Two 20-liter Iveco-dieslar. Drop only 3 grams of NOx / kWh,
which is half as much as the existing civil environmental.
Power:  2 x 1000 hp
Cruising Speed:  35-40 knots with a full load. Maximum speed about 50 knots unloaded.
Range:  500 km, fully loaded.
Length:  22.5 meters (suspended).
Width:  11 meters suspended. 9.5 meters off.
Load capacity:  11 tons.
Total weight:  39 tons.
Electrical system:  24/400 volt. 24 kVA.
Other:  Heating and air-conditioning systems in both the wheelhouse and cargo spaces.

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