Whether you refer to it by its original designation of MP44 (Maschinen-Pistole – submachine gun) or it “sexed-up” Fuehrer-friendly designation of StG44 (Sturmgewehr – assault rifle), there’s no denying the rightful place of this WWII German small arm as the Grand-daddy of all modern, selective-fire, medium-calibre, military rifles.

The the 7.92 x 33mm Kurz – short – round used by MP/StG44 inspired the famous 7.62 x 39mm cartridge used in the Soviet SKS and AK series, and also showed the world that a battle rifle firing such ammunition would be much more practical than the full-power blasters of days gone by.  The 44 also introduced the reliable short-stroke gas piston operating system which is still the most widely-used mechanism in the world today.  And finally, the 44 also introduced the handiness of the 30-round magazine.

Well, now those clever Chinese have gone and developed a full-sized metal and wood,  electric airsoft replica of this famous weapon – although firing BBs at 460 feet-per-second means its going to need to be downgraded in order to be used safely for skirmishing.

More info about the airsoft replica can be found at CRW-Airsoft’s website.

More info about the real-deal original can be found on the excellent World Guns website.

StG44 Live-Fire video – there was another one featuring a guy in a Hawaiin shirt, and with a Pet Shop Boys backing track… Ain’t no way I was going to post that one!  ;-)