Coming up for air now, let’s take a look at a couple of vendors displaying surface craft solutions at MiliPol Qatar 2012.

First up is French company Sillinger, part of the Groupe Marck group of companies.  Sillinger was founded in 1962 and in the past 40 years as become a recognized world leader in the field of providing inflatable and semi-inflatable watercraft of military and professional / utility applications.

Sillinger also offers a full range of application-specific equipment and accessories for military and law enforcement use – such as; armour kits, machine-gun mounts, communication and navigation equipment, etc.

Sillinger boats are currently in use with the armed forces, civil defence, and law enforcement units of more than 45 countries.

For details of Sillinger’s full range, visit and/or ask for a copy of their latest brochure.


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