The Turkish state-owned arms-maker MKE had a big mural on the back of their stand advertising the fact that they’ve been making cannons since 1452(!) – but these days they’re also well-known for producing licensed variants of weapons that HK isn’t interested in anymore – such as the HK33 and even the legendary G3 and MP5 series.  MKE also produces a licensed copy of the 7.62mm MG3 and the MILKOR 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher.

Personally, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for the HK33 / HK93 rifle series, and it’s a shame that this rifle isn’t more widely known or available.  But, one man’s loss is another man’s gain as they say, and while HK isn’t interested in the platform any longer, MKE has kept manufacturing and servicing the type for countries where the HK33 still soldiers on.

Recently, the company also introduced a modernized version of the HK33 called the MKE T-50 (see photos above), as well as a designated marksman model called the MKE T-12 (see photo below).  The T-50 is instantly recognizable by having a Picatinny-standard rail integrated on the rear receiver, as well as an M4 type collapsible butt-stock with a padded butt-plate.  It also features MKE’s own semi-transparent polymer magazine, with lugs for clipping 2 or more together, as standard.  Unfortunately, MKE haven’t added the feature of a bolt-hold-open feature to the T-50 – which was always one of the complaints about the HK33/93, at least from US shooters.

The T-12 is distinguishable by its longer (500mm) barrel, a fixed or collapsible adjustable butt-stock and being capable of only semi-auto fire.  The company rates the T-50 as having an effective range of 400m and the T-12 as having an effective range of 600m, with both rifles having an expected barrel life of 8,000 rounds.

MKE also presented its bolt-action 7.62mm JMK BORA-12 sniper rifle (see photos below).  The BORA-12 has a fully-adjustable butt-stock, weighs 6,400 grams, has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, an effective range of 1,200 metres and is claimed to be capable of .4 MOA accuracy.

According to MKE staff, the T-50, T-12 and BORA-12 are all currently in service with the Turkish military.

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