Yes, that’s right – they are GIVING AWAY one of the most powerful rifles ever built on the AR platform.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to the rifle the winner we get an all expenses paid trip out to NEMO Arms in Montana for a 2 day training class for long distance shooting! The class will be conducted by Max Ordinate Academy (MOA) and will include 2 days of training to shoot the OMEN out to 1000 Meters.  The OMEN itself retails for around $5,700 without the optics -when you add in the free trip and the free training, this is a VERY enticing offer!

The training team from MOA, Ryan and Tyler are two prior United States Marine Corps Snipers that have been hosting training classes and participating in sniper competitions around the United States. They have a combined 19 years in the USMC and 11 years of training experience. They have a strong background and this event will launch the new branding of their already strong portfolio under MOA. Check out the MOA Facebook page for developments.

FourGuysGuns has an entry form up on their website where you can enter daily with 4 simple steps to ensure you have a chance at one of the best giveaway packages social media has seen.  Check them out and stay glued for the announcement of the winner when they get 40,000 “Likes” on their FaceBook Page.


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