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In 1914 Ernest Shackleton was recruiting for what would eventually be called the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. His pitch included the following statement: “Officers wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success.”

Legion Firearms believes candor is a Good Thing, even if the facts aren’t particularly palatable. We want to put the best weapon possible in your hands, but we’ve been having trouble doing so. We’ve made mistakes, been hobbled by others’ mistakes and hampered by our suppliers’ constraints, but we’ve striven to rectify the former and are working to mitigate the latter.

Legion builds guns every day but Sunday. We shipped 15 rifles last week, 15 the week before and will ship at least that many this week. Our ability to produce a finished weapon is entirely dependent upon certain components, current demand and our exacting standards.

To that end we’ve sourced new manufacturers and built new facilities. Hundreds of uppers, lowers and other parts will now be built in-house. Eventually we’ll own almost all production ourselves, but will remain limited by the limits of man hours worked and our quality control.

Availability for current backlogged orders:

  • The LF-10D is not in stock, and customers are looking at a solid 8 weeks before they are. Unfortunately one of the major players bought up all 7.62 BCGs and they’re just now starting to trickle in.
  • We encountered a similar problem with the LF-4. When FN shipped the CHF barrels to our supplier they sent carbine length rather than mid-length barrels.
  • We’re acquiring CHF barrels from quality sources, but supply is limited. We’ve created the LF4 MOD1 and LF4 MOD2 by customer request to speed delivery times, but the LF-15C and LF-15D will still come sooner (though that may still be 12-14 weeks).

Photos of Legion Firearms’ new LF4 MOD 1 and MOD 2 variations of the LF4.

Our barrel supplier’s factory was shuttered by a Land Reclamation act earlier this year, and though we’re receiving lots of barrels we’re keenly aware that we are way behind where we hoped we’d be.

“In a month or so we’ll literally have hundreds of parts coming off our own line,” says Adam Morehead, CEO of Legion Firearms. “We’ll be providing 15Ds and 15Cs in greater quantity than ever have before. The 15 Deltas particularly will be shipping in great numbers. There’s just no way to build faster and maintain our level of consistent quality. Lead time for new orders is a solid 20 weeks.”

LF series rifles will remain available on a first come, first served basis. As hard as we’re working to catch up with demand, we would still urge those interested to order now and mitigate the delay. We appreciate your understanding.

Respectful regards,

The Staff of Legion Firearms

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