The new British MTP camo uniforms are making their way in to the hands of the troops in Afghanistan, as are also the new “Afghan Forest” pixelated camo uniforms of the ANA.  But at these recent photos illustrate, not everybody has them yet – and having web gear and body armour in the matching patterns is still a problem; with obvious results. On a side note:  is it just me, or do the PASGT helmets issued to the ANA always look too big for these guys’ heads? (photos copyright UK MOD 2010)

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0 Responses to Camouflage”Pick-n-Mix”

  1. Paul Firmin says:

    atleast its a start, is the west ham/ aston villa shirt part of the ANA uniform? (Bottom pic far right, the guy who looks even worse in a helmit than I do lol)

  2. Mr Mxyzptlk says:

    All of the camo problems should be fixed when 16AA deploy near the end of the year. They should have more MTP, and will have a new osprey carrier in MTP with internal plates so will be lower profile as well. The current situation is that when MTP is issued at all, it is normally only one set as opposed to a few sets of DDPM.