One of the things I love about living in the UK/Europe is that there is such a great variety of excellent airsoft sites.  Well now, thanks to the German/European airsoft sites project “Airsoft Gelaende” (airsoft fields), I discovered this absolute jewel of an airsoft site – situated on the uninhabited island of Mrčara in the southern Adriatic Sea off the Dalamation Coast of Croatia.  The site is called Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa and the whole island – which used to be a Yugoslavian Navy installation – is the airsoft site!  How cool is that?  When the Yugoslavian military left the island in 1979, they left behind a network of tunnels, bunkers, trenches, block-houses, etc.  These features, and the island’s location, would make this site the ideal place for a “Guns of Navarone” themed event, any number of James Bond inspired scenarios, and a whole lot of other great skirmishing possibilities.          The firm “Morski konjic d.o.o.”, with headquarters in Split, has the concession of access to the island which keeps it limited and private – making it an ideal site for airsoft activities.  The company specialises in adventure tourism and milsim airsoft and offer a range of airsoft activities ranging from week-end getaways to full week-long airsoft + R&R packages.  And with the range of accomodation possibilibilities on the island, as well as the close proximity to Korcula, the Dalmation Coast and even Dubrovnik, the possibility of an airsoft holiday becomes very real indeed.     Having been on holiday to the Dalmation Coast and islands a couple of years ago with my wife, I can highly recommend this area as a holiday destination!  But do bear in mind that it gets bloody hot in the summer.  ;-)For further information, and a lot more photos, be sure to check out Adriatic Airsoft-Alpha’s website: