Venom Industries is the sister company of Bulldog Equipment, and has been specifically set up to address the needs of the commercial and private security markets.  Venom say that they take pride in producing world-class products with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.  All Venom gear will also be manufactured in the United States using 100% American-made fabrics and components.Their product line is still being developed, but they provided Strike-Hold! with some sneak preview information about their Cobra line that reveals something about the direction they’re going in.     As you can see, “discrete” is the operative word here.  From the outside these bags look very much like any modern, civilian satchels – but these bags pack hidden “fangs”.  Planned colours so far are Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and Black.  Mirage Camo is optional – but bear in mind that a bag in Mirage Camo will definitely not be “discrete” in a civilian environment. I’d suggest that Venom also look at producing this line in non-tactical, discrete colours such as grey, taupe and blue (see below).   The Venom website will be live soon – stay tuned to for further news and reviews…If you’re a retailer interested in selling their product lines, Venom would be happy to hear from you. Please contact:Dana Heinsen[email protected]+1-954-581-5510

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