I had quite honestly begun to feel a bit hum-drum about developments in the tactical clothing market lately.  I was really beginning to think that maybe there was no room for further innovation, that maybe Crye Precision had changed the game and wiped out the competition with their designs.  Apart from 3nity’s trousers with their unique pocket pleat design and built-in abseil harness, it seemed that most companies were just borrowing bits that had been done before and re-hashing them in slightly different ways – or at best, improving upon standard off-the-self designs (like the ACU) to make them slightly better.  And despite the hype and hoopla with which some companies have launched their new lines recently, when you look closely at what they’re actually offering, they’re not that different from what others have already done.Then along came Kitanica with their PNT.XA tactical trousers.  With one fell swoop they’ve changed the game again.  The PNT.XA does build upon some ideas that have gone before, but re-interpreted and executed in ways that set these trousers apart – as does their uncompromising design philosophy and rugged construction.  And Kitanica did all this without a big splashy launch at the SHOT Show or an aggressive PR campaign; in fact, unless you were keeping an eye on their website, or following a couple of dedicated, professional blogs, you wouldn’t have known about them at all.  Maybe that’s the way they intended it to be – if you need them, you’ll find them.Well, whatever Kitanica’s marketing strategy might be, I’d sum these trousers up with one word:  WOW!  Now, so far I’ve only seen the details of them on Kitanica’s website – but I really do like what I see.  As you can see from the schematic below, there are a LOT of details to ponder over – but this definitely one case where the beauty is in the detail.  Everything about these trousers makes perfect sense to me – everything is there that should be there, and everything is where it should be. So about that…  The design and arrangement of the pockets is especially impressive – they’ve even put a pens pocket on the thigh area of the trousers! In my opinion (and from my experience) this is much better than having it on your forearm.  The other pockets which really impress me are the large lap pockets with the vertical zip (as well as the Velcro-fastened horizontal flap).  This is a feature which I have wanted to see for a very long time now – and if I was any good with a sewing machine I would have already altered some of my tactical trousers accordingly.  What’s so great about this?  Think of the map pockets that the British put on their windproof and Para trousers in the Second World War – its the perfect location for maps and documents, and better than crushing them in amongst other items in your cargo pockets.  The other pockets which really impress me are the expandable rear dump pouch pockets (clever!) and the way that the cargo pockets can be “let out” to take more kit as well. The placement of man-sized, re-inforced pull tabs on the lap and cargo pockets is a great touch too – very useful. The PALS webbing on the left side might seem a bit odd at first but, when you stop and think about it, actually makes perfect sense and provides a very handy way to carry a radio / GPS unit / first aid kit / admin pouch / etc.  Finally, the use of 500D Cordura instead of 1000D on the knee patches is a very sensible decision – you still get the extra protection, but without the weight and heat build-up issues.So, all in all, these look like an awesome design – and quite possibly the ultimate tactical trouser available so far.  Let’s just hope they expand the colour / camo choices beyond Black – and let’s hope that Kitanica also turn their prodigeous and innovative design skills to lightweight tactical shirts and smocks/jackets too.www.kitanica.net