You could be forgiven for wondering what is up with this new company – for one thing, those who’ve never served in the US military might not know that the name is military slang meaning “shit hot”.  And when you look at their pedigree its easy to see why they chose such a bold name for the company…

Sierra Hotel is the new marketing, R&D and direct commercial sales arm of a 1st Tier DoD manufacturer. Though the parent company has been building equipment and parts “on spec” for decades, they had an inability to touch the civilian firearms market. So they reached out to Jamie Wehmeyer, the co-founder and former designer from Legion Firearms, and Sierra Hotel Manufacturing was born.

Sierra Hotel logo“Our parent company builds everything from Humvee parts and .50 cal pieces to Mk 19 mounts,” says CEO and Sierra Hotel co-founder Wehmeyer. “They also build firearm components people have no idea they’re using, particularly bolt carrier groups. People literally do know Sierra Hotel and don’t know they know it.”

Those bolt carrier groups are being manufactured at a rate of up to 30,000 per month. A $20 million dollar machine shop and stringent quality control standards have allowed them to provide BCGs to a startling number of rifle manufacturing brands. Non-Disclosure Agreements are in place to protect corporate identity, which prevents specific brands from being named; however, at 20 to 30,000 BCGs per month for a very long time now, it’s just shy of a virtual certainty rifle owners have one in their possession (particularly if they own more than one rifle, of more than one brand).

Sierra Hotel BCG“Widespread as they are, BCGs are only one small part of what we’ll be doing,” continues Wehmeyer. “We have plans for numerous innovative products that will really impact the civilian market—and we ‘ll be able to supply them in quantity. In house process- and design-engineers along with serious manufacturing capability allow us to be the sole manufacturer of our products. That’s just one reason we’ve been selected as an OEM by companies who want to keep their QC at an impeccable standard.”

Among the new products Sierra Hotel will be building are the modular MuzzleHub™ and a billet heat-treated fire control group. You will be able to see these things and others soon…

Sierra Hotel Muzzle HubSierra Hotel Ambi Selector Switch“Sierra Hotel products will be in several places at SHOT,” Wehmeyer advises. “Some will be in or on products at Crye Precision, some at London Bridge Trading, others at BattleComp and Legion Firearms.”


“There is a lot in the works,” Wehmeyer continues, “and much of it is ongoing. We probably won’t even know the exact extent of what we can reveal at SHOT Show until SHOT Show! There are two things we’re particularly happy about, both collaborations. One is with Freddie Blish over at Robar, who will be plating our BCGs and trigger groups with NP3 nickel-teflon, the other is with Alan Normandy at BattleComp. We are in talks with him about a joint project for the MuzzleHub now—oh, and we’ve established a strong alliance with some companies you’ll recognize…B5 Systems, for instance, and some others we can’t announce yet.”

For further information go to Sierra Hotel Manufacturing online or visit their Facebook page.


The unique, modular – and indeed, wicked cool – MuzzleHub has already generated a huge amount of interest and chatter – look out for more details and impressions about this puppy soon…


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