A very Happy New Year to you all! 

And I hope you had a happy holiday season.  You might have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here over the past week or so – I was enjoying a bit of downtime and family time, and also ended up spending a lot of time online playing “World of Tanks” (LOL).  At any rate, now its the new year and its time to start getting back into gear…

To kick things off, the WordPress Minions have once again provided an interesting look back at the highlights of 2013 for Strike-Hold! – click on the link that follows to read all about it.  2013 Annual Report.

On a final note, please leave a note in the comments section to let me know what you’ve liked best about Strike-Hold! over the past year, what you’d like to see more of in 2014, and what you’d like us to add, drop, or change.

All the best!



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