With the new year comes new gear, even if SHOT Show 2021 is all online and no one is drinking at the Circle Bar after hours. If you don’t have the time (or inclination) to endlessly scroll through social media channels (or search for #SHOTShow2021) you can stay here…

SSD (Soldier Systems Daily) – the Daddy of all Tactical Media, obviously. But if you this blog, you already know that.

Another good place is the SHOT Show 2021 article on The Mag Life. It’s a single page instead of a whole site, but the coverage is decent regardless. Written by Stephanie Kimmell, and occasionally being broken out into smaller articles as the sheer size becomes cumbersome, this article is tracking scores of new guns, cartridges, knives, and other pieces of kit – like the Magpul MBUS 3 you see below.

Some of the other things you’ll see there include:

The .22 caliber Heritage Barkeep wheelgun is one of the new revolvers for 2021.


FN’s new 509LS Edge is just one of several semi-auto handguns that have debuted recently.


The Aero Precision BREACH is one of the many AR15 and AR10 platform accessories that have been released in the first part of 2021.
This Tyrant CNC CyberBrake AR15 muzzle device is another AR15 upgrade (well, a new finish has debuted, the comp has been out for a while).

The Wedge EDC light in the “pocket dump” above may not immediately look like a light. It’s from Streamlight, and it’s even sleeker than the Surefire Stiletto (which is saying something).

More from the Streamlight is the TRL7  SUB. The SUB (below) is related to the dash-7 models (like what you see above) that preceded it.

This little light appears to the brightest micro-WML type light we’ve seen yet (though there may be something out there we don’t know about).

Octane 365
The Zev Octane Z365XL from ZevTech and SIG, another new semi-auto. Two big names in one small, sexy pistol. Sexy enough for Roblox Phantom Forces use too, for you gaming nerds out there (or so one of our favorite Minecraft streamers tells us – though maybe that’s TMI).


A few cartridges have made themselves known in the last couple weeks, with additional details slowly unfolding. One of those is the 6.8 Western, a round based on the 6.8 (shocker, right?) and designed as a hunting cartridge for big game.


We’ve also seen a nod to the Rangers make a reappearance in the form of a popular shirt from a couple years back.

US Army Rangers by night…


No, not those Rangers ^^. At least not specifically. This is a nod to Roger’s Rangers.


You might not be able to tell from the picture, but this nod to the iconic frontiersmen who gave us the Rules of Ranging features great gear – from the classic Rogers Rangers tomahawk to a blaster jacked up with all sorts of SCAR accessories.

Hot tip: this article will be updated, so keep checking back.

article by David Reeder, Contributing Editor