Camouflaging yourself effectively in snowy terrain is actually more challenging than you might think. Snow looks different under different lighting conditions, the texture and appearance of snow is quite variable due to different weather conditions too. And lastly, depending on how much vegetation there is in the terrain, as well as how deep the snow is, coverage can vary from solid to patchy. Is it any wonder that there are something like 30 different words for snow in the Finnish language?

Soldiers of the Finnish Jaeger Brigade (Jääkäriprikaati) participating in exercise Ryske 220 which took place during December 2020 – January 2021. During the exercise the performance of the troops and equipment were tested under extreme Arctic conditions. Photo credit: Finnish Army.


So, who better than the Finns to teach us a thing or two about snow camouflage? Never fear, our friends at Varusteleka are on the case! “We have the ideal winter season here in Finland and many other countries in the northern hemisphere, and luckily the climate change hasn’t yet killed the chances of having snow. We wanted to give you a compact guide on what to take into account in your camouflage when snow covers the landscape and how to get everything out of the top Finnish design, M05 Snow camo.”

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