Last month we reported on the problems the Netherlands MOD was facing with its Defense Operational Clothing System (DOKS) procurement, and the interim solution that has been adopted in the interim.

Today we can share with you some additional, highly-detailed publicity photos that the Netherlands MOD has just released. These show in great detail the features of the NFP-Green camouflage pattern and the BDU-style uniform, as well as a combat shirt that’s been added to the ensemble as well.

Interim improved temperate BDU style combat clothing set in the NFP-Green camouflage pattern.
Combat shirt worn with BDU style trousers in NFP-Green camouflage.
Rear view of BDU trousers, and solid color waterproof parka.
Close-up of upper sleeve and national identifier patch.
BDU style button wrist adjustment tab.
Covered, button-fastened, cargo pocket flap on trousers.
Drawstring cuff closure on trousers
Offset zip-closure on combat shirt.
Verbeterd Operationeel Soldaat Systeem (VOSS) improved operational soldier system in NFP-Multitone camouflage pattern, paired with combat shirt in NFP-Green.


Hat tip to Robert Hendrik for bringing us this news.