Polish tactical gear brand Direct Action keeps going from strength to strength. Their plate carriers and other gear is already in widespread use with GROM and other Polish military and law enforcement special units, and continues to gain popularity across Europe and the rest of the world too. It looks like they’re living up to their “Go Loud!” motto so far this year with a booth at the SHOT Show and a load of new products in their 2020 catalogue.

Direct Action’s 2020 catalogue contains a great bunch of new pouches, rigs, backpacks and other gear – much of which is also now available in US Woodland camo! It also contains their long-awaited Vanguard Combat Shirt to pair with their Vanguard Combat Trousers.

DYNYCO Combat Uniform Fabric:

Direct Action have also announced a new type of fabric exclusively developed to their specifications that will be used for all of the combat clothing products going forward. This fabric is call DYNYCO (short for “dynamic nylon-cotton”) and is Direct Action’s approach to making rip-stop nylon-cotton uniform fabric even more user friendly.

Originally developed for the US Army, rip-stop 50/50 nylon-cotton (“NYCO”) has been proven in operational and combat use all around the world for over a decade now. However, whilst durable and comfortable to wear, standard NYCO does not have any inherent “give” or stretchiness – which is a drawback for personnel engaging in dynamic, close-quarters, tactical and combat scenarios.

To get around this limitation, uniform manufacturers have added panels of stretchy material sewn to certain sections of their uniforms that provide more “give” and freedom of movement. However, this adds complexity and cost to the product, as well as additional seams and potential weak points where two different fabrics are sewn together.

So Direct Action took a different approach and looked to improve the elasticity of the NYCO fabric itself – thereby also reducing the complexity, cost, and potential weak spots in their garments. At the same time, it was important to not sacrifice the durability of the original NYCO fabric. So, Direct Action came up with a ripstop blend of 49% Nylon, 48% Cotton and 3% Elastane to achieve a fabric that’s both durable and breathable as well as elastic enough to deliver greater comfort and freedom of movement.

The first fruits of this effort are on display at the SHOT Show this week (booth #7605), in the form of a pair of Vanguard Combat Trousers made from DYNYCO printed in officially-licensed Crye MultiCam camo.

If you’re not at SHOT, you can see a lot of their new products featured in the 2020 Direct Action brand video below, as well as by following the link below that which will take you to a page where you can download a PDF of the 2020 Direct Action catalogue.

Direct Action 2020 catalogue: