Beginning this month the new Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform in OCP camo pattern will be available at Army clothing stores in Hawaii and at Fort Benning. By February 2020, the uniforms will be available in all Army clothing stores.

The catchily-abbreviated IHWCU will be an optional purchase item for soldiers who want to wear a lighter-weight uniform for hot weather field or garrison duty, and will cost about the same as a set of regular OCP ACU’s. The most visually noticeable difference between the ACU and the IHWCU is the absence of chest pockets, but the real magic sauce is the special fabric used for the uniform. The new uniform uses a fast-drying 57 percent nylon and 43 percent cotton blend to reduce the weight of the uniform by a pound and increase air flow. The knee areas are also better tailored to allow for movement where the ACU can sometimes snag or drag when wet, and the crotch gusset allows for freedom of movement and also keeps the pants in a better position when wet or with the loaded cargo pockets.