You might have seen the sneak peek on our Facebook page a few days ago – but if not, here’s a full look at our new style patches made for us by our friends at BritKitUSA.

As many of you probably know, BritKitUSA make some mighty fine products and they are especially known for their high-quality 3-D molded “rubber” Velcro-backed patches.  The work they did for us continues in that same vein of excellence and we are delighted with the result and proud to have BritKitUSA as a partner.  We also highly recommend them as a source for off-the-shelf morale patches as well as custom team / unit / business patches.

Our patches are 5.5cm wide x 7.5cm high and backed with Velcro hook-and-loop fastener.  Each patch also comes with a matching fuzzy-side Velcro patch to sew on to your clothing if it doesn’t already have a Velcro panel attached.

Now, here’s how you can get your itchy trigger finger on our patches…  Simply shoot us an email to contact “dot” strikehold “at” gmail “dot” com telling us how many, and which version(s), you want – and also send us a PayPal payment of $8.50 US for each patch (PayPal address is the same as our email address).  Shipping is free to anywhere in the world!

Do not use the comments section below to request patches, send us an email to the address listed above.


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One Response to We’ve got new patches!

  1. Ed says:

    Patchs, time to re ‘STRIKE-HOLD!’ all my gear

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