The United States Marine Corps Reconnaissance Battalions (or commonly called Marine Division Recon) are the reconnaissance assets of Marine Air-Ground Task Force that provide division-level ground and amphibious reconnaissance to the Ground Combat Element within the United States Marine Corps.

Division reconnaissance teams are employed to observe and report on enemy activity and other information of military significance in close operations. Their capabilities are similar to those of Force Recon, but do not normally insert by parachute, and provide limited direct action.

The division also has other substantial organic reconnaissance assets. The Scout Sniper Platoons may be attached to regimental reconnaissance battalions to provide long-range precision fire superiority. These sniper Marines function as recon assets as well to provide surveillance and target acquisition to the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), known as STA snipers.

The Reconnaissance Man

  • He is responsible for the pre-assault and deep post-assault Reconnaissance in support of the Landing Force Commander.
  • He is also capable of performing limited small unit special operations when directed.
  • He is the nucleus of a Reconnaissance team or assault force within the Reconnaissance Community.
  • In addition to Basic Infantry skills, he is responsible for highly refined scouting and patrolling skills.
  • He must also possess advanced proficiency in scout swimming, small boat operations, close combat skills, helicopter insertion/extraction techniques, assault climbing, demolitions, forward observer procedures for supporting arms, initial terminal guidance operations for heliborne, airborne, and waterborne forces, communications, photography, threat weapons and equipment identification, and various point and area reconnaissance and surveillance, and amphibious reconnaissance operations.
  • Selected Reconnaissance men are further trained as Static-line and Multi-Mission Parachute System parachutists and open and closed circuit divers.




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