Trolling through the ISAF Media Flickr account, I found some photos of the new Spanish desert camo pattern uniforms in use in Afghanistan. 

* UPDATE *Thanks to the link supplied by Zote, here are some additional, close-up photos of the uniform and camo pattern.  As you can see, its not really “pixilated” – it just has squared off edges.

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7 Responses to Up Close And Personal: New Spanish Desert camo in Afghanistan

  1. Zote says:

    More pictures from the new spanish pattern. Miguel stated the new woodland pattern is just hideous.

  2. Miguel says:

    The general consensus here is that the Spanish Army missed an opportunity to introduce real advances in the combat uniforms. Despite the ministry’s original instructions of getting ‘pixelated’ uniforms in a wider, more comfortable cut (the old uniforms are spandex-like tight), what they did as produce a poorly modified Multicam-esque pattern (apparently without permission from Crye) and square some edges so they could say it is a pixelated uniform. Also, they kept the tight cut, just for the hell of it. As I said, a missed opportunity. And don’t get me started on the woodland pattern. The horror…

  3. Paul Firmin says:

    is it me or does the top left pic look like the old yank choc chip on the body armour? Also I cant see the multicam in it really

  4. Dixie says:

    …and then threw in a bit of pixelation for good measure.

  5. strikehold says:

    The general consensus of opinion is that it is not a direct copy of MultiCam but does clearly appear to have been influenced by it.

  6. chris says:

    It seems to be a Desert variant of the Multycam , am I correct???