Slovenian company Uni&Forma was founded in 1997 with the mission of making high performance garment systems for professional users.  Under the brand name of UF PRO®, their garment systems are today worn by various military and law enforcement special operations units – both in Slovenia and abroad.

The UF PRO range is known for innovative design and industry-leading materials, high quality and reliability, comfort and durability – and all at an affordable price.  UF PRO only works with proven, leading-edge solution partners, and all of their products are thoroughly tested and evaluated on their performance for their intended use before they’re brought to market.

UF PRO showcased a wide range of their garment systems at the IWA this year including their P-40 Commando Pants and the new Striker Battledress System.

P-40 Camo Pants

The P-40 is a new breed of tactical pant that features an ergonomic cut for a performance fit, panels of robust stretch fabric for extreme mobility, and a detachable WINDSTOPPER® lining for year-round comfort.  They’ve quickly acquired the nick-name of “kick ass pants” because of the imagery used in their promotional campaign.


Striker Battle Dress System

This is UF PRO’s latest garment system, developed with input from European special forces operators and revealed for the first time at IWA, and is very much the flagship product in UF PRO’s offering.  The Striker Battle Dress System was designed from the ground-up as an integrated garment system comprised of:

  • Combat Jacket
  • Combat Pants
  • Combat Shirt
  • Softshell Jacket
  • Monsoon Jacket
  • Monsoon Pants
  • Snow Camouflage Jacket and Pants

All components of the Striker Battle Dress System are characterized by an ergonomic fit and have been specifically developed to meet the multifunctional needs of modern combatants.  At the present time, only the Combat Jacket, Combat Pants, Combat Shirt and Snow Camouflage Jacket and Pants are available in PenCott camouflage patterns.

The PenCott-Snowdrift camouflage version is due to be evaluated by the Slovenian Army – and the Striker Battledress System in the Slovenian national camouflage pattern, “SLOCAM”, is already in use with the Slovenian Army.

UF PRO will be launching a new web store in 6-8 weeks and all items will be in stock, able to be previewed and ordered online.  In the meantime, visit the UF PRO website and click on the “Factory Outlet” tab to preview and order any of their current product range.


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