The Mohawk Agilite Gear is the newest type of special ops helmet cover to hit the market.

It is individually sized to fit either the Ops-Core FAST Maritime, FAST Ballistic or FAST Bump helmets and its built-in retention system allows you to secure NVG counter-weights, cables and other helmet attachments. The Mohawk’s central mesh also allows for an unobstructed air flow through bump helmet vents. The snug fit means no-flap during helicopter ops or free fall and it helps enforce noise discipline, especially when wet.

The Mohawk features aerodynamic, snag-free sides and is composed of lightweight, hard-wearing mil-spec materials. It is currently available in Ops-Core helmet cuts and will be available in ACH/MICH and IDF Light Helmet versions soon.

For more information on the Mohawk, visit Agilite’s website.


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