First seen at IWA 2013 in March, the very eagerly awaited Striker Battle Dress System from UF PRO® is now available in PenCott-GreenZone™ camouflage.

The Striker Battle Dress System is designed to exceed the demanding requirements of the modern elite combatant.  All garments include an innovative set of features and have an ergonomic, fitted design.  They are also 100% made in Europe to a very high standard of quality, and from the best US and European made materials on the market.

The full range consists of a combat shirt, combat pants, combat jacket, rain suit and softshell jacket.  At the present time, only the Combat Pants and Combat Jacket are available in GreenZone™ camouflage – the Combat Shirt will also be available soon.

combat jacket combat pants


Combat Jacket

The UF PRO® Striker combat jacket is the multipurpose field jacket / smock of the Striker Battle Dress System. The Striker combat jacket can be worn alone, over a rain- or wind-proof under layer, or over a thermal insulation layer.

30-ufpro_013_12All pockets are closed with zippers instead of Velcro and the jacket also features inner compartments for safe storage of smaller equipment.  In order to enhance its comfort, the jacket is equipped with side vents.

220-ufpro_015The UF PRO® air/pac inserts in the shoulder area, help to better distribute the weight of a rucksack, chest rig, plate carriers or body armor.


The optional D30® elbow pads provide comfortable, flexible, reactive impact protection.


Combat Pants

The UF PRO® Striker GreenZone™ Combat Pants uniquely combine comfort, functionality and a state-of-the-art camouflage print.

31-ufpro_048Designed as robust and comfortable all season combat trousers, the Striker Combat Pants feature an anatomical design with built-in stretch areas that provide extraordinary comfort and mobility.  All pockets are closed with zippers instead of Velcro to reduce noise, and the pants can also be fitted with D30® knee protectors for reactive impact protection. Loops in the upper leg allow the pre-placement of a tourniquet for high-risk missions.

237-ufpro_066The pants can also be fitted with an optional WINDSTOPPER® lining that provides comfort in temperatures ranging down to -5°C.

235-ufpro_059Panels of stretch fabric in the crotch and rear enhance the comfort and improve the flexibility and mobility of the pants.


The UF PRO Striker Battle Dress System Combat Jacket and Combat Pants can be ordered directly through the UF PRO website.  Retail price of the Jacket is €175.00 and the Pants cost €119.00


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