Like London buses, you wait ages for one to come – and then you get two at once!  WWII-themed airsofters will be changing their underpants after this – suddenly there are two really top-notch looking PPsh-41 replicas hitting the market.  Oh, and apparently there is also a “Chinasoft” version in the works as well – so that makes THREE.Stand by for those “Cross of Iron” impressions…First up is the ARES PPsh-41 – now available for pre-order from Tokyo Model Company.  Not much information has been released so far, except that it is 840mm in length, made from metal and wood, and has a price tag of $440.00. A bit more information has been released by Hexagon Productions about their PPsh-41 replica.  Being a relative newcomer, I guess that Hexagon felt the need to make a bit more noise.  Well, I think its paying off becuase their’s does look like the more promising of the two so far.Also constructed of metal and wood, the HP PPsh actually features a blued stamped-steel receiver – just like the real-deal.  The rear sight also has two settings – just like the real one – and the functioning fire selector switch is located in front of the trigger – also just like the real one.  I haven’t seen any info yet though about whether the bolt-safety catch functions like the real one (it looks like it does from the photos).  The HP PPsh-41 uses an M-14-type gearbox and a G-36 type hop-up unit.  The battery (up to an 11.1v Li-Po type) fits in the otherwise solid wood butt-stock. The gun comes with a manually-wound hi-capacity drum magazine, and an authentic webbing and leather sling is available as an accessory. The gun is due to be released in January 2010, with a retail price of $295.00 USD (with shipping included!).  More details can be found on Hexagon’s website.A special note of credit to “DarkLite” on Arnie’sAirsoft as the source for the detailed info about the HP PPsh-41.  Watch out for his full review over on Arnie’s soon.