The Begadi-Exclusive (BE-X) line has gone all disruptive this month with the introduction of a full line-up of UK DPM camo clothing and equipment.Quick rundown of the facts:

  • Actual UK-MoD specification Temperate DPM pattern
  • Printed by a genuine MoD sub-contractor
  • Clothing made from lightweight 65/35 cotton-polyester rip-stop material
  • Gear made from 900D and 1000D Cordura nylon, with water repellant treatment

It will be interesting to see how well this line-up sells for Begadi.  DPM is certainly one of the most popular “old skool” camo patterns, but the UK market is already pretty saturated with inexpensive, used surplus and cheap commercial knock-off kit and clothing.  So, I suspect this line may be more popular in Continental Europe.As a footnote, I’m not sure which version of DPM this is – to me it looks like 84 or 95 Pattern rather than Soldier2000.  But I could be mistaken – in fact, see the comment from Walter below this article.Still, wherever you are, if you want a very good quality RAID-style BDU in DPM, and/or a great SAS-style smock – at a competitive price – then I can certainly recommend the BE-X stuff. The Combat Suit retails for €82.90, the Smock for €89.00 and their Combat Shirt for €39.90.To see more details of the full BE-X DPM line-up, go here.

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  1. Walter Ruf says:

    Hi,for the color, its the problem of artificial light and imagery…I also admit, the photos look like the old stuff, but in real it looks more modern. Its print is based on the last Soldier 2000 series.Cheers,Walter

  2. rordog says:

    The pattern is p68 (1968) dpm but the colour is more of a brighter S95 or Russian Smog.

    • strikehold says:

      Its a “feature” of the artificial light they were photographed in apparently.

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