The G28 Designated Marksman Rifle has entered service with the Bundeswehr to replace the interim G3-based solution.

Officially designated the ZF G28 – short for Zielfernrohrgewehr 28, or telescopic scoped rifle 28 – the Bundeswehr’s new Designated Marksman Rifle is a semi-automatic, gas operated, 7.62x51mm, magazine fed rifle with a rotating-bolt locking mechanism.  The rifle is equipped with a Schmidt & Bender 3×20 variable power scope, and is intended for engaging targets at combat ranges up to 800 metres.

The ZF G28 provides the infantry squad with a robust precision weapon for engaging specific threats particularly at distances greater than 250.  Among other targets, the G28 is intended to take out key enemy personnel such as snipers and marksmen, and technical targets such as the optics on weapons and combat vehicles.

According to Bundeswehr tactical doctrine, targets up to 600 metres range would be engaged with aimed, single-shots, whilst targets between 600-800 metres range would be observed, identified and pinned down with harassing / suppressing fire.  The G28 has a factory guaranteed accuracy of 1.5 MOA when fired with 10 rounds using OTM/HPBT/Sierra Match King ammunition.

Finally, although the G28 shares approximately 75% parts commonality with its sibling the HK417, it is fact based on the civilian marksman rifle MR308.

G28 component parts:

1. Red dot sight
2. Scope with lens caps
3. Back-up iron sights
4. Upper receiver, barrel and gas piston assembly

5. Charging handle
6. Rail covers
7. Bolt carrier group
8. Handguard with back-up front sight
9. Lower receiver with trigger group, buffer spring tube and multifunction tool (9a)
10. Adjustable shoulder stock
11. Laser module
12. Adjustable bipod
13. Vertical fore grip
14. Sling attachment
15. Magazine (20-round)
all images courtesy of the German Bundeswehr, copyright 2012