GHK Airsoft from Taiwan have announced a new in-house designed GBBR called the “G5″ that they describe as being loosely based, aesthetically at least, on the Czech CZ Evo 3 Scorpion sub-machine gun.

Not many details have been released so far, only some CAD drawings, photos of a prototype and a short video clip (which we’ve nabbed from our friends at

So, how similar is it to a CZ Evo 3 Scorpion?  Well, the most obvious difference is that the G5 uses a 5.56mm NATO STANAG-style magazine; whereas the Evo 3 is a 9mm Parabellum type weapon.  So the G5 could perhaps be more aptly described as a hybrid cross of the 5.56mm CZ 805 BREN and the Evo 3.

Beyond that, this is what the Evo 3 looks like (image courtesy of CZ):

And here is the G5 prototype:

Judge for yourselves, but I like it – and it looks like a nice little gun for CQB work.  The use of a standard magazine is a definite plus too.



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