The internet has been ablaze with speculation, rumour, innuendo and sheer fantasy following the publishing of this photo of part of the wreckage of the helicopter that was deliberately destroyed following its crash-landing on the Bin Laden raid.Well, it seems that it is in fact a secret “stealth” version of the special ops MH-60 Night Hawk – at least according to an article on ArmyTimes.comUPDATE:  Our friends at Defense Tech have collected some interesting info (and speculation) about the possible appearance and configuration of this mysterious aircraft as well.For an excellent and well-researched history of the UH-60 family prior to the spec ops “stealth” version, we highly recommend Osprey Publishing’s “Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk” (Vanguard Series 116) book.  And to make things even better, its currently on sale for only £4.99 on Osprey’s website.

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