Out now, in both hardcopy and digital formats, the May issue of Combat & Survival magazine has extensive coverage of the UK’s new Multi-Terrain Pattern camouflage (MTP). As you’ll remember, MTP is a derivative of MultiCam that was developed by Crye Precision under license to the UK Ministry of Defence – the objective being to adopt a camouflage pattern that blended the effectiveness of MultiCam with a distinctly British DPM flavour. As you can see from the front cover, C&S’s coverage begins with a 5-page article following 3 Para in Helmand Province – one of the first units to be kitted out with the new MTP clothing and gear.The next article about MTP is guaranteed to satisfy the camo geek in you by deconstructing the lineage of woodland and arid DPM patterns and the common elements between them and MTP.This is followed by an up-close-and-personal 5-page look at the MTP clothing, headgear and accessories currently being issued to troops deployed on Operation Herrick 12 in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.Finally for desert, we get a sneak peek at Magnum’s new Sidewinder and Spider 8.1 boots in MultiCam camo. For more info about the contents of the May issue, or to download a digital copy, visit the current issue page on Combat & Survival’s website.

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