Snake Hound Machine have really been making a name for themselves over the past couple of years with their outstanding gunsmithing skills on the AK, and other, platforms.  Now they’ve taken things to a whole new level with the creation of a training division.

After months of planning we are finally ready to announce Team Snake Hound, our Kinesthetic Reeducation Division (training department) Headed by Jeff Varner ( a veteran of the Rob Pincus Combat Focus Shooting program.

Team Snake Hound is focused on offering vital and affordable classes that provide the necessary skills and information to help people be safe and potentially save lives.  We are committed to providing value and have a great passion for teaching and helping others.

Often you will hear us say we are “doing the right things, for the right reasons” this stems from the fact that we are offering training because our customers have asked for it, and our courses are structured around three types of classes we feel are important: how to understand and repair your firearms, how to properly employ your firearms, and how to give proper medical care to yourself and others.

Located in New Hampshire, the unarguable home of New England gun culture allows us to fill a major void in regional and local training options and furthers our long term goal of establishing New Hampshire as a destination location for the firearms industry.

Information about the team, bios, and scheduled classes can be found at


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