Here’s an idea…I just happened to find a post on Osprey’s military history blog about Leigh Neville’s “Operation Uruzgan” rulebook for the Force on Force board-based wargame. Leigh wrote the best-selling Osprey books on “Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan” and “Special Operations Forces in Iraq“. In this booklet he provides an informative backgrounder to the Australian mission in Afghanistan – including their organisation, weapons and vehicles – and an overview of the specific rules of fighting their AOR.In addition to that, what should make this booklet of interest to trainers and airsofters are the 9 detailed missions and operational scenarios that players have to deal with. They not only include the specific missions and objectives – like capturing a warlord, or wiping out a Taliban cell – but also special “Fog of War” interventions like losing comm’s or wandering in to a minefield. Players also get Special Asset cards, Rules of Engagement, guidance on COIN tactics and intel on Taliban operations and tactics too.In short, it sounds like everything you’d want to have in order to plan and execute a highly realistic training exercise or airsoft skirmish – so surely it wouldn’t be that difficult to adapt these board-game ideas to a live action scenario? If you fancy giving it a try, or just want to know more, check out the Ambush Alley Games website for more info and purchase options.If you do give it a go, let us know how you got on with it.

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