I have long been a fan of the front opening, adjustable chest rig – whether it was the Arktis Advanced Chest Rig, the Tac-Gear Specialist Chest Rig, or any of the other number similar designs on the market they are just about the best and most practical method around for carrying an individual, basic fighting load.  Then along came PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System), which in turn led to “Molly” (M.O.L.L.E, Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment).  When you the combine PALS/MOLLE system with a front-opening, adjustable chest rig design, then you’ve really got something hot – enter the Tactical Tailor Modular Assault Vest (MAV), 2-piece.

The MAV may be purchased as a complete unit, or as individual pieces. A complete MAV comes with the following: one vest body, four triple 30 rd. AR-15 mag pockets, two large utility pockets, and two small utility pockets. The MAV has 1.5″ adjustable shoulder straps and a length-adjustable waist belt. The vest body also has a Velcro-fastened pocket for storing maps or survival gear. All MAV components are constructed from 1000 denier Cordura nylon and all seams are double stitched with nylon thread for maximum durability.

Tactical Tailor products are available in OD, Ranger Green, Tan/CB, Black, UCP, MARPAT (woodland and desert) and Multicam.  It can also be bought in either a rifleman or SAW gunner configuration, but changing roles is as easy as changing pouches – how’s that for convenience and cost-effectiveness?



On April 20th, 2008, Tactical Tailor’s president and founder, Logan D. Coffey was killed in a tragic car accident – spare a moment to remember one of the good guys.




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2 Responses to Tactical Tailor 2-Piece Modular Assault Vest (MAV)

  1. strikehold says:

    Buenos Dias Alakran – I totally agree! :-)

  2. Alakran says:

    I already own one of these, in Marpat pattern. It’s the best load carrying equipment I’ve ever tried, and believe I’ve tried quite a few. It’s confortable to amazings levels, it keeps the weight balanced and the equipment tight and easily reachable. It’s really durable and light to wear. You get the best from it by using it in combiunation of the padded suspenders and the tactical hydration carrier.