We’ve all been busy with other things the past couple of weeks, so we haven’t posted much here.  But we’ve still taken the time to find cool stuff to share with you guys and gals here and on our Facebook page…

Line of Departure took an interesting look at an airborne assault of the future:  High Tech Airfield Assault

CNN gave us an insight into a pretty cool information warfare unit in the State Department:  Targeting Al Qaeda Online

Soldier Systems was covering the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Florida this week.  I noted this piece in particular:  PCU Level 9 Kneepads System

UK MoD News wrote about how the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been guarding Buckingham Palace:  Canadian Mounties take over Royal duties at Horse Guards

Strategy Page reported that the US Marines have adopted the Switchblade mini-UAV / “cruise missile”:  USMC adopt mini-cruise missile

Brandon Webb at SOFREP delivered a well-written and thought-provoking article on women serving combat roles in SOF units:  The First Female Navy SEAL

Our friends at PredatorBDUblog gave us a heads-up on the ultra-lightweight MRZR from Polaris Defense:  Polaris Defense MRZR Ultra-Lightweight Warfighter Vehicles


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