Claw Gear is a European tactical clothing and gear brand that first burst onto the scene 3 years ago with a radically BDU design called the STALKER Tactical Duty Uniform which combined features of a combat smock with a BDU / ACU top.

Unfortunately, certain business practices by the previous brand manager and distributor also caused the company name to be a bit tarnished by controversy as well.  So, over the past 18 months or so the parent company has restructured the business, sacked the brand manager and distributor, and re-launched under new management with a new distributor and an expanded range of products as well.  The changes seem to have done the job, and the company now seems to be on the ascendency once again.

In its re-incarnation the brand is now distributed by the Austrian company TMH Trading based in Steyr and managed by a couple of Gebirgsjaeger from Switzerland and Austria.  The company had quite a significant presence at the IWA this year (photos after the jump) and, as you saw from our Friday Foto last week, has also been having success in selling to elite special operations forces, as well as airsofters.

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In fact, we received enough enquiries about Claw Gear after we posted that Friday Foto that we thought it would be worthwhile to show you a cross-section of the range of Claw Gear’s products available (at the present time) in the Swiss TAZ90 / M92 camouflage pattern (click on the link to see a swatch of the pattern from the Camopedia website).

Stalker TDU MK.II Trousers

Combat Shirt

Stalker Battle Shirt

Spectre II Trousers

Para Smock

Pathfinder Smock


Raptor Helmet Cover

MK.II Shooting Gloves

MOLLE Operator Tactical-Combat Vest

…and more besides!

As you can see, Claw Gear carry quite an extensive range and they also have their kit and clothing in a good variety of other European camouflage patterns as well.  A browse of their website well-warranted, and its also available in French and English in addition to German.

Claw Gear have also recently picked up a North American retailer as well:

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  1. Matthew Boyall says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to obtain the striker mk2 trousers in cadpat pattern,without success . Could you help??