The Russian Defence Ministry has announced it will purchase new sniper rifles this year.

Under the arms procurement program for 2013, Degtyarev 6S8-1 12.7mm rifles will be bought for the Russian Armed Forces.  The Degtyarev is pictured below on the right.

From 2014 the ministry will start buying the latest version of the Dragunov 7.62mm, VSS 9mm and ASVK 12.7mm rifles, as well as new optical-electronic sights. As per inputs, the ministry will also consider buying Orsis rifles.




Orsis Sniper rifle

Russia is about to producing four new sets of sniper equipment, including surveillance and detection tools, means of suppression and passive protection for snipers. The first set is designed for use at ranges up to 800 meters, the second – over 800 meters, the third – for snipers in urban police operations, and the fourth – for sniper training.

The sets are being developed by a special team at the Tochmash Research Institute. The team includes instructors from Russia’s Special Forces who are overseeing the demands for weapons performance.

The military is planning to deploy at least 1,000 snipers by 2016 to motorized rifle and tank brigades. They will be able to hit targets at a distance of 1-2 kilometers.