Its a sad fact of life that some of us live in states that have unconstitutionally infringed upon our rights by limiting the number of rounds we can load in the magazines of semi-automatic magazines.  Lucky for us then that the Plinker Arms Response Magazine has the look and feel of a standard 30-round magazine, but with a reduced ammo capacity.

The Response Magazine is a dedicated 10-round 5.56mm AR magazine that gives the appearance and feel of a standard capacity magazine. The Response magazine is constructed of highly durable, long-fiber polymer that makes the magazine solvent and corrosion resistant. The magazine springs are stainless steel for long life and durability.

The Plinker Arms Response Magazines are legal in MA, NY, CT, MD, NJ, CO and CA. They are the first and only option for serious enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on the full-size experience, whilst complying with unreasonable, illogical and unconstitutional laws…  MSRP is $14.00.



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