PenCott Multi-Environment Camouflage is Hyde Definition’s stunning, hybrid pattern that is already receiving a high level of interest from military and law enforcement special operations forces – as well as private consumers – in North America, Europe and the Middle East.  To meet this high demand the following PenCott colourways are now in production on mil-spec, Berry-compliant, 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric:
  • PenCott-GreenZone™
  • PenCott-Badlands™
  • PenCott-Sandstorm™

Over the next few months, these colourways will also be available on 65/35 Poly-Cotton ripstop, 500D Cordura Nylon and 1000D Cordura Nylon fabrics.  Further synthetic and/or mixed fabrics will be made available based on demand – special finishes will also be available on request.The PenCott-Snowdrift™ colourway will be in production later this year, additional specialised colourways are also currently under development, and Hyde Definition will also be launching its own ”Hybrid Tactical Uniform”, “Hybrid Tactical Smock” and headgear for the commercial market in the next few months.The PenCott Multi-Environment Camouflage pattern family has already been added to the product portfolios of the following companies:

PenCott has also been chosen to compete in the Polish Future Soldier programme, will be entered into the US Army’s camouflage improvement initiative, and is currently under consideration by several units and agencies as well.

Dom Hyde, PenCott designer and founder of Hyde Definition, was on hand as the first run of PenCott-Sandstorm™ came off the production line.

Dom and his team at Hyde Definition wish to thank the team at Duro Textiles for their diligent assistance in helping to get the entire family of PenCott Multi-Environment Camouflage Pattern to market.

PenCott-Badlands fabric sample in a dry woodland setting.

Contact Hyde Definition or Duro Textiles for further information regarding fabric prices and/or to place an order.Background InformationFirst launched in 2008, PenCott is more effective than other patterns because it features:

  • an organically textured micro-pattern for close quarter concealment
  • a uniquely blended midi-pattern to foil detection at mid-range
  • a high contrast macro-pattern for long distance disruption
  • a natural palette synthesised from real-world colours and tones
  • a hybrid combination of blurred edges and fractal shapes
  • a hybrid, naturalistic, omni-directional, multi-scalar appearance 

The result is that the wearer literally disappears into the background “noise” of the terrain and escapes both detection and recognition.  And when you’re down-range even a split-second advantage in detection or recognition can mean the difference between mission success or mission failure. PenCott helps give you the

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3 Responses to PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage is in production

  1. Moe says:

    More Badlands photos! Can’t wait.

    • strikehold says:

      Shouldn’t be too much longer mate – fabric is on its way to various companies.

  2. octactical says:

    Great news! Guess I should start clearing room for some cordura.