Hyde Definition is happy to announce that, thanks to some help from the good guys at 762PR, the new PenCott camouflage fanpage is alive and throbbing on Facebook.

The new page takes over from the previous Facebook Group as the primary go-to source for all things related to PenCott™ goodness.  So don’t miss out – go “Like” the page to check out all the great stuff from the growing number of companies producing garments and gear in – and the growing number of military and law enforcement special ops units using – this stunningly effective family of patterns.

The page includes an album for user-supplied photos, as well as a specific folder for each manufacturer to showcase their PenCott products.  Don’t forget to select “Get Notifications” under the “Liked” button so you don’t miss any updates.

The PenCott™ family of camouflage patterns features a unique, hybrid, 3-in-1 pattern geometry that is more organic and natural-looking than typical digital patterns. It was also specifically designed to provide superior concealment at close, mid and long ranges – across multiple environments.



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