PENCARI’s mission statement is: ‘Providing Bespoke Training Solutions In Order to Prepare Today’s Specialists for Tomorrows Uncertainties’.  Considering that they were in Kenya delivering training to the Kenyan special operations forces, “tomorrow” takes on a very literal meaning in their case.

PENCARI has a demonstrable and recognised history of operating with the highest professional standards, enabling their clients to focus on the work they need to do.  Because of this sharp focus on being out in the field meeting the real-world needs of their clients, the company’s website ended being an understandable second-line priority.

But that’s not to say that its been neglected – in fact, PENCARI have just this week launched a completely revised, expanded and updated website that provides a more up-to-date, comprehensive, and user-friendly overview of all that PENCARI can do.

Pencari homepage
Check it out at


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