Proof positive that nothing remains secret for very long these days…A couple of photos were posted by “eluphant21″ in the “Digital Patterns” thread on today, showing the new camouflage combat uniform of the Afghan National Army.The uniform they’ve chosen (allegedly at the request of President Karzai himself) is quite similar to the American ACU – except that the Afghan uniform has a normal shirt-style collar.  It also features a slightly tweaked colouration of the Spec4ce Forest camo pattern from HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation of Canada.  The ANA pattern is called “Afghan Forest”.Apparently the Afghan’s deliberately chose a pattern colouration that’s not “desert” so as to be more readily distinguished from the foreign troops operating in Afghanistan – who mostly wear desert camouflage combat uniforms, except the French (as seen below) and the US Army (who wear the “universal” camo pattern ACUs).More info about the Spec4ce series from HyperStealth can be found on their website, here.

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  1. Chris says:

    They were so close to an amzing pattern if the brown that makes up much of the pattern was quite a few shades lighter. annoying.

  2. Mountainsniper31 says:

    That Frenchman seems to have a souffle or something on top of his head.

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