Putting a stock on a Glock pistol, or replacing the pistol’s slide with a new stock-and-upper-frame seems to be something of a full-blown trend.  We’ve previously covered the FAB Defense Tactical Glock Stock and the KPOS Pistol-Rifle Platform also from FAB Defense. Then of course there is also the more unique approach of the much-hyped MagPul FPG, the “whole hog” approach of Mech Tech Systems’ “Creative Custom Unit”, and the futuristic-looking “PTP” from Command Arms Accessories,The latest “Glock stock” system to be replicated in the airsoft world is the HERA Glock Carbine Conversion kit.  The airsoft version is from a company  AABB and fully replicates the look and functionality of the real-deal HERA kit – provided you have a replica Glock G18C gas-blow-back pistol from KSC, KWA or TM.  What you get is an ABS plastic frame and stock which doesn’t require you to disassemble your pistol, and gives you an ambidexterous charging handle and several Picatinny rails for mounting accessories (sticking a MOSCART on a pistol does seem a tad silly though).